All You Need To Know About Parabolan

Parabolan is an anabolic steroid administered via  intramuscular injection. Athletes and body builders  buy Parabolan under the brand name Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate (Tren Hex/ Trenbolone Hex). It is an improved variant of Trenbolone with a longer lasting action. Parabolan has a 14-day half life which is 11 days more than that of Trenbolone. This increase in half life is due to the addition of the Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate ester.

Parabolan is deemed more suitable for human consumption in comparison to  its predecessor, Trenbolone. Its suitability stems from its slow release property and its long lasting activity,  making it ideal for clinical and medical use with a few injections required for full benefits to be realized. Due to this, parabolan can be said to be an easily available, very powerful anabolic steroid and thus is very common among sportsmen. In addition, its anabolic strength is 5 times that of testerone and cannot be aromatized into estrogen. Therefore, treatment with Parabolan results in no bloating and zero water retention. Its high preference among bodybuilders has earned this drug a title “the nectar of the Gods”.

Traditionally, Trenbolone was used in veterinary, for boosting lean mass of cattle and reducing body fat of other animals. Great gains in strength and muscle mass with accompanying fat loss has been reported in body builders using this steroid. Currently, this drug is mostly used by athletes and bodybuilders who want to accumulate muscles and strength quickly.

Laboratory tests using Trenbolone have shown that it enhances protein synthesis while reducing fat deposit. In doing so, this steroid provides an athlete with the required energy and boosts muscle build-up.
Usually, Parabolan is prescribed in a dose of 38-75 mg per day and average dose of 300-700 mg/week. Athletes are advised to strictly stick to the recommended doses to avoid harmful side effects associated with overdosing. However, reported cases of overdosing are very rare.

Treatment with parabolan should only be for a period less than 2 months since prolonged use is dangerous. Its side effects are first felt around the kidney resulting in the production of dark urine or blood vessels found in urine in extreme cases. The effects are then felt in the parts surrounding the liver.

People suffering from tumors and cancer serious atherosclerosis, nephritis, liver and kidney disorders and pregnant women should not use this drug. Also, an athlete who is starting to use anabolic steroids is advised to avoid using actual Parabolan pills.

This drug alters the natural process of producing testosterone and a post treatment check up is encouraged in order to rectify this problem.

As with all other drugs, it should be kept away from children reach, and at a temperature of below 25°C.

Parabolan is an ideal solution for athletes or bodybuilders looking into fast gaining of muscles and strength. Parabolan for sale has passed safety requirements  and has fewer side effects compared to its substitutes. Parabolan is available for sale at many pharmacies. To reap full benefits, you should ensure that you take appropriate dose for duration of less than 2 months.