Should You Take Prohormones?

Prohormones can be a good alternative if you do not like the idea of using synthetic steroids for bodybuilding. Most anabolic steroids used by the bodybuilders and athletes have very strong potency. There are dangerous side effects of these substances. Try these supplements if you do not want to take such risks. Lower potency legal prohormones and can be ordered easily. You can buy prohormones online. There are fewer risks compared to the steroids. Prohormones have become very popular among bodybuilders due to fast acting results. Bodybuilders have been using these supplements to boost strength, size, mass and endurance level. If you are new to the field of bodybuilding, you are going to use these supplements at some point of time. Learn more about these supplements to ensure you choose only the right products in this range.

What Are Prohormones?

It can be confusing to determine whether you should take steroids, testosterone boosters or pro hormones. All these options are quite popular among bodybuilders. Prohormones are compounds that are converted into hormones after entering the body system. There are a wide range of supplements in this range. It can be difficult to determine which supplement is best for you. These compounds are used to build muscle, burn fat and improve overall health condition. This type of product generally has synthetic form of male steroid hormones like testosterone but there can be other compounds as well. Such a product contains fast acting formula. The compounds of a pro hormone help your body develop the required natural steroid itself. There is no need to administer any synthetic steroid in the body, which is what you do when you use anabolic steroids.


Prohormones along with anabolic steroids were declared illegal in 2004 under the presidential act of “Anabolic Steroid Control Act”. However, this ban did not include all types of prohormones. Some of the compounds in this range do not fall under the category of banned substances. High potency strongest prohormone can have almost same side effects as those seen in steroids. You are advised to undergo a therapy after completing a cycle of these supplements. This will help restore your body’s natural testosterone level to normal. You should also be aware that substances used in such products can appear in drug tests. The compounds can be hard on the liver. This type of supplements should be used only by those bodybuilders who have reached higher level in professional bodybuilding.


Gain almost same advantages as the ones obtained from anabolic steroids. Prohormone compounds improve the effects of your weight training exercises. After using prohormones, you will notice improvement in bulk and size of the muscles. You will achieve better athletic performance. Your body will recover quickly from strenuous workouts. The pro hormones make you feel more energetic. You will experience enhanced sex drive.

Side Effects

Prohormones are not without side effects. The compounds contained in these products can be harmful to your liver. You may experience sickness and pain. Long term use can lead to receding hair and baldness problems. Some individuals notice swelling in the prostate. Your joints can feel painful.

Products in this range are taken orally. There are natural enzymes in these products. These enzymes help convert prohormones into anabolic compounds. You can use prohormone product on a daily basis. However, you should not exceed the recommended limit. Read online prohormone reviews. Study both benefits and disadvantages of using pro hormones before you start using any such product. It will help you avoid the side effects of using prohormones.