The Box Tops 

Who are the Box Tops ?

The Box Tops were the first recording artists to have a Memphis recorded nationwide # 1 hit!.This includes all the previous Sun,Stax and Hi records hits up to that time."The Letter" was # 1 on the Billboard charts for an entire month.It went on to become a world wide top ten hit.

Members of the original Box Tops and the instruments they play :

  • Alex Chilton :vocals guitar
  • Bill Cunningham :bass
  • John Evans :keyboards guitar
  • Danny Smythe :drums
  • Gary Talley :lead guitar

Lead singer Alex Chilton continues to maintain a successful solo career worldwide -and is generally considered to be one of the founding fathers of alternative rock.Within the past few years he has toured Japan, Australia, Europe & the USA. 

What Songs Did They Make Popular ?

"The Letter"
"Neon Rainbow"
"Cry like a Baby"
"Soul Deep"

The Box Tops originally recorded for Mala\Bell records of New York - now - called Arista records.Arista has a newly re-mastered compilation CD/cassette which was first released in the fall of 1966.

The original group recently got back together and recorded 13 songs -including favorites and styles that have a special meaning to the group.
Look for a new Box Tops release this summer.
The Box Tops

What Recognition Has The Group Received?

"The Letter" was Cashbox magazine "Record of the year"in 1967

The Box Tops recieved 2 grammy nominations in 1967 :

Best performance by a vocal group ; "The Letter"
Best contemporary group performance,vocal or instrumental ;" The Letter"

The Box Tops were awarded 2 RIAA-Certified Gold records for "the Letter" & "Cry like a Baby".

"The Memphis based Box Tops are the finest example of a blue eyed "Soul Group".Lead singer -and former Big Star head honcho - Alex Chilton had a tough swaggering voice that belied his teenage years -sounding at times as if he were in a cutting match with the youing Steve Winwood...Instead of knocking off pimply teen fodder The Box Tops managed to add another link in the Memphis soul chain - mixing blues, Beatlesque pop, and the sound of Stax, Hi and Goldwax.
The Box Tops benifited from top notch material : Dan Penn & Spooner Oldham`s "Cry like a Baby" & "I met her in Church" ;Wayne Thompson`s "The Letter, Neon Rainbow,and Soul Deep".....
Their music remains a staple on "oldies stations" & has retained it`s vitality for over 2 decades....."
John Ford,The All music guide (from the world wide web)



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