Soledad Bravo

1943: SOLEDAD BRAVO was born in Logrono, Spain.
But at an early age,this daughter of a republican father had to leave Europe & with her family moved to Venezuela to lead a brand new life and discover a culture of tropical flavours.

1967: She started to study Architecture, Psychology and Literature and the Central university of Venezuela. When she was still studying, she began to sing and interpret Garcia Lorca's "Amor de don Perilimplin con Belisa en su jardin". Very impressed by her performance, Sofia Imber, an influential venezuelan journalist, gave her the opportunity to appear every morning in a TV show called "Buenos Dias". That's the reason why SOLEDAD became a cult singer.. and the rising Star Venezuela was waiting for.

1968: SOLEDAD recorded her debut album"Soledad Bravo Canta". It was immediately successful. SOLEDAD was able to accentuate her success through an important national tour, discovering, town after town, her new public...

1969-1971: SOLEDAD recorded two albums of popular and traditional south american songs. She included material by Atahualpa Yupanqui, Violeta Parra, Daniel Viglietti, Vinicius de Moraes, Baden Powell, Alfredo Zitarrosa and Joan Manuel Serrat. Here and there, people started to label her as "commited". She still replies, impertubable, that she only sings what her heart tells her to do...

1972-1975: After the release of an amazing doble live album,"Soledad Bravo en Vivo", SOLEDAD attend the Agua Dulce Popular Festival in Lima (Peru). It was a real consecration! Her young legend flew over frontiers...

1976-1977: SOLEDAD went to perform in Spain. She appeared on national TV with the very brilliant flamenco guitarist Manolo Sanlucar. The spanish public gave her a warm and passionate welcome. Deeply moved, SOLEDAD decided to stay and work there for four years.

She sang and recorded (between Rome and Madrid) some of the finest RAFAEL ALBERTI's poems. ALBERTI took part of the project and joined her studio! More than a record: a page in the history of literature was written with music!

Let's say that the rest is pure success and inspired eclecticism. In 1979, she gave a breathtaking performance in the Theatre de La ville of Paris, France. In 1980, she recorded a collection of old jewish songs from Andalucia ("Cantos Sefardies"). Rave reviews from an international following greeted that work. In 1981, SOLEDAD changed her repertoire, discovering the essence of 'tropical' rhythm and songs. In New York, she recorded an album of caribbean material produced by great Willie Colon...A page has been turned. And still today - with virtuosity, feeling and success - Soledad explore that universe of sunny and swinging refrains.


In France today, she's well-known for her precious and deeply moving cover of Carlos Puebla's "Hasta Siempre" (A cuban hymn to Che Guevera that she recorded in 1968 in Caracas). 30 years later, that version climbed up the french charts and sold more than 50.000 copies.

This Latin Diva have been recorded more than 30 albums and is a truly established Star ("AN INSTITUTION!" would correct the Venezuelans). She sang all around the world (Costa Rica, Holland, germany, france, Spain, USA..), proposing traditional selections, leaving sometimes her guitar and her cuatro to perform a thrilling mixture of salsa and more lively refrains (always acclaimed with enthusiasm)! She played and worked with, among others, Chico Buarque, Willie Colon, Gilberto Gil, Pablo Milanes, Ray Barreto, Manolo Sanlucar, Joaquin Sabina, Milton Nascimento, Paquito D'Rivera, Mikis Theodorakis, Paco Ibanez, Ruben Blades, Silvio Roderiguez... SOLEDAD BRAVO is the only Latin singer able to go from one style to another, epitomizing the fusion of beatiful poetry and unique singing in an extraordinarily varied programme of canciones latino-americana (from argentinian tango to mexican bolero, from ranchera to guaguanco, son, golpe, guajira, milonga or afro-jazz...)


Listening to this anthology of 35 songs, you'll immediately find out that SOLEDAD BRAVO is one of the best female singers in central and soutn American territory. Her fresh but intense vocal timbre on these recordings is immeasurably moving. On the first CD, "Pa' Cantar", SOLEDAD BRAVO offers a bouquet of traditional songs, visiting Venezuela, Mexico or Argentina... Styles and melodies relate to the pure tradition of south-american songs. On the second CD, "Pa' Bailar", SOLEDAD delivers tropical anthems to make you dance and proves she's an energetic performer with a hell of a voice! This double "Best Of" is not only the highly gifted singer's sensitive work... but it's definetly a collection of real historic documents.

"She's acclaimed round the world-and understandably so-as the worthy successor and the ambassadress of the most authentic tradition of the latin-american singing." 

Soledad Bravo
Track listing
CD # 1

Pajarillo Verde
Anda Jaleo
Violin de Becho
Polo Margariteno
Rota Oriental,Spain
La Tirana
Arrastrando La Cobija
La Higuera
Alla Viene Un Corazon
Coplas De La Amapola
El Rey De Las Flores
Zumba Que Zumba
Esta Cancion
La Vida No Vale Nade
Campo De Amor
Palabras De Amor
Tonados De Ordeno
bonus track..Gottinggen
CD 2
Canta Corazon
Son Desangrado
Andando La Habana
Ojos Malignos
Cuando Hay Amor
La Fiesta De Los Santos
Dejala Bailar
Abrazando Mi Cultura
Ese Negro
Hay Que Ser Del Caribe
bonus track..Ojos Malignos 11


"Her voice is an exceptional instrument"


"A brilliant woman."

DIARIO 16, Madrid

"The voice captivates you, the range is so wide, and it's strenght is amazing."

Le FIGARO, Paris

"She's one of the rare phenomenons of the popular soutt american song"


"We can't say more than this: she's a necessary artist".

cantos revolucionarios

 Homenaje a Zitarossa

hasta siempre
que dira el santo padro
cancion para mi america
parabien de la paloma

 El Violin de Becho
El loco Antonio
La Desvelada
Zamba por Vos