Can Losing Weight Help My Pain Levels?

Chronic pain is not fun. It often strikes people when they are older, but being older does not mean a person will always have chronic pain. Arthritis, fibromyalgia, and tendinitis can all become chronic conditions that require long term management. Although many people may not want to hear this, losing weight can be an important part of pain management. Many people misunderstand this to mean losing weight eliminates chronic pain. This is not the case.  It’s a bit more complicated than that. Carrying extra weight can cause a person to put too much pressure on their joints and muscles. This can cause exhaustion and fatigue.

If someone does not believe losing weight can manage chronic pain ,it may be because they have not stuck to a regimen long enough to notice results. Someone who doctors classify as obese may have to stick to a particular program for months. Most people notice a reduction of pain levels in weeks.

Someone who is not physically fit, however, needs to make sure that they do low impact exercises first. Swimming, walking, and riding a bicycle are all great exercises for a person to start with. Someone with arthritis may find that water exercises are the easiest for him to use.

Weight loss helps pain management by reducing the stress on the joints, but anyone starting a fitness regimen for this reason should remember that pain management and pain elimination are not the same thing. Someone who has developed a chronically painful condition should remember that they will not go back to their old pain-free state. It may be depressing for those newly diagnosed, but the most someone with a chronic condition can hope for is less pain. If they are not sure how to begin a  weight loss program, they can consult a trainer.