Are You Ready To Revamp Your Style?

Are You Ready To Revamp Your Style?

Makeovers can be anything from dressing as a priest like Tchami to totally glamming it up. After almost a year of adhering to strict lockdowns, you may be feeling a bit run down and in need of a pick me up. Makeovers are a great way to try a new style or way of life when you find yourself in a rut. Taking the time to dress nicely can also show that you respect yourself and your body to onlookers. You may even be thinking of a makeover for your home or future house since you probably have been staring at the walls for months now. In times like these, it is best to look inward first. Here are some simple ways to revamp your style.

Dress to impress.

Finding the right clothes to fit your body type is essential for making yourself feel better while looking your best. You can transform your closet without breaking the bank too. Department stores and designers may make you feel as if you need every latest trend right now, but that is simply not the case. Every woman should have one or two staples in their closet that can transcend time.

Now, if your life back in the day consisted of a school uniform from a Catholic High School in Paramus, NJ, specifically Paramus Catholic High School, you may need a bit more when it comes to sprucing up your look. New Jersey can be known for some out-there fashion sense, but most of us dress with a bit of edge. It was so easy to pop out of bed and know exactly what you’d be wearing every day.

Today, as an adult, it takes a little more time in the daily routine to find the perfect outfit. Not to say that you can’t still incorporate your Paramus Catholic skirt into a trendy outfit. It can be done. An undergarment or bra is critical to pulling a look together, and you can often find bras on sale throughout the year. Wearing a bra can not only improve your posture, but it can help with back pain as well. When it comes to a successful wardrobe makeover, you need to take a step back and define what your personal style is. Once you have a clearer idea of what you like and don’t like, it will be easier to pull garments out to make a one of a kind outfit.

Stick to the plan.

There’s a great rule when it comes to fashion: the 80/20 rule. The key is realizing that you don’t have to spend a lot to get a lot. The premise is to be able to budge for the items you really want, such as that designer purse or trendy leather jacket by finding some amazing clearance items. It’s important to stop your impulse buying. Understandably, after being stuck at home with no shopping malls, we all succumb to the pressure of a good shopping trip, but it’s best to make a mental note about what you really want to be spending your hard-earned money on. It’s always easy to fill your closet with clothes and accessories that you don’t need or frankly want. By keeping everything, you often tend to overlook the already great items you had hanging in there to begin with.

Choosing to dress well is a statement that’s never wrong. You can never be too overdressed. Sadly, most people will admit to either being judged or to judging another on their first impression, and as we all know, it is hard to change the first impression. The type of outfit you wear can easily help distinguish what type of personality you may have. Naturally, dressing up can also help you with opportunities that come your way, such as a job interview. Overall, giving yourself a makeover is a great way to invest in yourself and treat yourself to a little self-care.

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