Sexual Trauma: How to Heal From Sexual Trauma

Sexual Trauma: How to Heal From Sexual Trauma

The world is finally moving into an age of accountability and openness, especially when it comes to difficult topics like sexual trauma. Regardless of the severity of the assault, sexual trauma causes extensive emotional harm to the victim and makes it near impossible for them to engage in sexual intercourse or other similar acts after the assault has taken place. 

While being able to speak freely about this problem is necessary, so too is providing victims with the necessary information to reclaim their body, peace of mind, and sexuality. If you are a victim of assault, here are some suggestions on how you can begin to heal from your sexual trauma. 

Reclaim Your Sexuality Through Toys

Sexual trauma makes it difficult for victims to engage in intercourse and similar activities as they may still be reeling from the effects of the initial encounter. As a result, they can find it hard to sexually connect with others, which can lead to issues in developing relationships as well as ones that are already established. One way that you can begin to re-establish a connection with your body and your sexuality in a safe and controlled manner is through sex toys

Through the use of toys, individuals who have experienced trauma are able to experience pleasure while maintaining control over their pleasure during their experience, which is vital in building back that confidence and sense of safety that was lost during a sexually traumatic encounter. 

While normal sex toys work well, you may want to instead purchase a realistic sex doll from a manufacturer like California Dolls. Because these items are designed to closely resemble the feelings and actions of another human being, both men and women will be able to sexually experiment with these toys while regaining their sense of control that has disappeared since their previous encounter. When healing from sexual trauma, control and safety are everything. 

Heal Through Connection

Beyond the sexual work that will need to go into the healing process, there is the mental element of trauma that needs to be addressed as well. Sexually traumatic events can often lead victims to develop mental health disorders such as PTSD, depression, and anxiety. Victims may feel as though they are constantly reliving the experience, may become extremely scared when they are confronted by situations or concepts that are triggering, and may lose their previous interest and happiness that they experienced in life before the incident occurred. 

In order to heal from this trauma and move forward, it is highly recommended that victims seek out the help of an experienced therapist. According to research, almost 90 percent of individuals recover from PTSD symptoms associated with their trauma, a statistic that is associated with those who have sought out help and talked through their issues. There are many effective treatments designed to help trauma survivors alleviate the symptoms of assault, reconnect with the person that they were before the incident, and experience life once again. For those who are looking for help but do not know where to find it, one great resource to use to connect with therapists near you is There is always help available for those looking to heal!

Sexual assault and other sexually-traumatic events can be extremely harmful to a person’s psyche and connection with the self, both on a physical and mental level. That said, the resources available today make it possible for victims to move on and once again experience the quality of life they did before trauma entered their lives. If you are a victim of sexual assault and you are looking for help, use the guide above and seek out the help of a professional to begin your healing journey today. 

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