Tips on ‘Making It’ in LA

Tips on ‘Making It’ in LA

You’ve finally made the big move out west, and you know it’s your one true shot. People dream of moving to LA their whole lives, but you’ve finally made the commitment to the city and yourself. You know that what you’ve got is more than just a pipe dream, so it’s important to be strategic. In the City of Angels, image is everything. Coming into the city with the right package can really make or break you. Whether you’re an actor, model, filmmaker, comedian, or influencer consider these tips for actually making it in LA.

High-Quality Materials Are Key

When you’re marketing yourself, you have to remember that there are hundreds, potentially thousands of people trying to catch the eye of the same few who hold the power. This means that the quality of the material you use to market yourself needs to be superb.

When creating content as an influencer or if you’re a filmmaker with an idea for a feature film, consider hiring a Los Angeles videography agency to help you out. Agencies like Coldea Productions do high-quality shoots around LA. For actors, consider Coldea Productions for your next headshots. They’re connected in the industry and understand how to optimize your look for the best photos that will flatter you. With these headshots, casting directors will want to call you in.

The “Look”

Everyone knows that LA is about looking at your personal best. To do that, consider spending the extra money to buy top-of-the-line makeup. If you’re not already a makeup guru, check out some tutorials, product reviews, and general advice online.

Whether you’re already a fashionista or working to build your style, one product you’re sure to love is magnetic mink lashes. Glamnetic offers many styles of lashes to fit best for the look you’re going for. They’re easy to use, because they don’t require glue, and can last for more than 40 uses when taken care of properly. These lashes are a wonderful addition to your glamour routine and are a great investment financially because you’ll get so much wear before needing replacements.

Headshot Printing

Once you have your headshots, you must get them printed on high-quality 8×10 matte paper. For actors, your headshots are your calling card. Anything less than industry standard will not be taken seriously. One of the best places to have your headshots printed is Reproductions.

Reproductions are a leading printing and digital imaging company that has set the standard in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. If you want to go with a company that knows its stuff, Reproductions is your best option. You don’t even need to pick them up in person; you can have your headshots shipped right to your home.

Get a Manager

Unlike Chicago or New York where you just need an agent to break into the industry, having a manager in LA is truly key to your success. You’ll need to look at a list of managers, figure out which managers represent people doing the things you’re interested in, look into how to submit, prepare your materials, hope for a meeting, and then follow up in six months if you don’t hear back. Remember that the business is a marathon, not a sprint.

Do Your Research

It’s important to come to LA well-armed with as much information as possible. Make sure you do your due diligence and get the scoop from other people who did what you’re trying to do. For actors, whether you’re a fan of The Office or not, Jenna Fischer’s The Actor’s Life: A Survival Guide is an incredible and timely resource. A funny and informative read, this acting pro talks about everything you could possibly need to know, including how to avoid the seedier part of the LA acting industry. You’ll laugh and come away much more prepared than before you started reading.

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