What to Do When You’re New in Town

What to Do When You’re New in Town

Moving isn’t easy! It’s a stressful experience, and often an expensive one. And when all is said and done, you’ll have swapped your old home for a new one — one that may be in a place you’ve never really experienced before. That can be really exciting, but it isn’t always easy. When you’re new in town, you won’t necessarily know anyone. You won’t know the local secrets, tips, and tricks, either. You may feel bored, lonely, or awkward.

All of this is natural, and will pass in time. But there’s no sense in suffering any more than you have to! If you do a few things right as you set up shop in your new digs, you’ll have a much easier time as the new guy or gal in town. Here are a few tips for managing your move properly.

Put some of your stuff in storage

A move is stressful in part because there is so much to pack and unpack. We Americans have a ton of stuff! Even with great organization and storage solutions, it can be hard to fit everything in our homes.

Moving is a great chance to take stock of what we own and reset our organization and storage plans. If you start packing early enough, you may have time to evaluate what you’re putting in boxes — and get rid of some of it! Why pay to move anything that you hate?

Be wary of filling up your new home with extra stuff — especially if you’re moving to a city. Experts in Austin, Texas tell us that some newcomers are surprised to find that their space isn’t as large as they had out in the country. But there are solutions! Self storage in Austin is affordable, so these people can stash things there. Things like sports equipment, seasonal clothes, and other less commonly used items can be perfect for storage.

What’s true in Austin is true all over the place, so consider sparing your new home some of your stuff and investing in a storage unit instead.

Make a bucket list

Every town has its list of local hotspots and secrets. Start making a list when you arrive, sourcing your picks from best-of lists and adding to it based on what you hear from locals. Asking for recommendations is a great way to strike up a conversation and make friends, too!

Once you have a list, start checking things off! The folks at the Greater Lansing Convention & Visitors Bureau tell us that they have a bucket list like this, and they urge tourists and locals alike to take the LAN150 challenge. Run down a list like this, and you’ll soon be familiar with all  of the best local spots.

Join a recreational group

Making friends in a new city is tough. Depending on your work situation, you may meet some folks at the office, but that’s not your only option! When in doubt, do what you might have done in college: Seek out medium-sized groups that share your interests by joining some sort of club or recreational group. Whether it’s a running club, a softball team, a local fraternity organization, or a club for stamp collectors, you’re sure to find great people in social groups like these.

There are lots of ways to meet up with people. Apps can help you plan meet-ups these days. Local colleges and libraries may offer continuing education classes, where you’ll meet fellow classmates who share your intellectual curiosity. So go sign up for something!

Enjoy local and touring events

Exploring a new city isn’t just about seeing the bars and restaurants that are open all year. It’s also about experiencing the food festivals, cultural events, touring musical acts, and other things that only happen every once in a while. So pony up a few bucks and go see a concert, or just head to the movies with a friend or significant other. Doing things other than bar and restaurant hopping will give you great memories that you can tie to this new place — and, with time, it will start to feel like home!

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