3 Ways to Upgrade Your Wardrobe Without Breaking the Bank

3 Ways to Upgrade Your Wardrobe Without Breaking the Bank

It’s a new season, a Friday night, the day before a special event. You look through your closet to find an outfit that’s not only appropriate for the occasion but also expresses your individual style. Nothing thrills you after your first cursory glance, nor after further inspection. As much as you would love to simply start over with a completely new closet, hoping to keep the I-have-nothing-to-wear blues at bay, that’s not always compatible with your budget. Vogue may be espousing a world tour (and the price tag to go with it) to bring new pieces into your sartorial life, but here are three alternative ways to update your wardrobe without breaking the bank.


Check out online boutiques.

Handing over a credit card information to an online retailer can be nerve-wracking. But you’ll find many great options out there for affordable, quality clothing; you would be mistake to not at least look. If you find something you love and are unsure of the company, check out its reviews on the Better Business Bureau. As we head into fall, try spicing things up by wearing a cardigan or sweater with your favorite short dresses. Add leggings and loafers or thigh-high boots for a dramatic effect, and you’ll still have enough cash left over for bottomless mimosas at brunch.


Mix and match pieces.

It’s easy to fall into a rut with your wardrobe. When you find an outfit that works, why fix what isn’t broken? But breathing new life into your style can be as easy (and budget-friendly) as simply making new pairings with old pieces. Try mixing prints, starting with polka dots and stripes. Or a new jacket over a dress that you usually let speak for itself. Do you have an outfit that you keep trying, but you feel as though it’s missing something? Grab your nicest pair of shoes, and see if that brings just the right amount of fun to an otherwise mediocre jumper. The best way to implement this strategy is to clean out your closet. Once you’ve gone through your clothes and decided what it’s time to donate, take a while to try on unexpected pieces together. This way you’ll have ample time to consider your choices and to get an idea of what looks could work for all of your upcoming events.



Getting ready for an important event or just a night out can sometimes be low on your daily priority list. With work, traffic, and sleep, it can be tempting to find the cleanest thing you can, slip on your favorite ring, and then head out the door. But your jewelry choices can be what makes or breaks an outfit. Keep an eye out for larger statement pieces that are best paired with a solid shirt so they can really shine. Or earrings that can steal the show on those I-only-have-time-for-a-messy-bun days. An unexpected bracelet choice can make your everyday watch pop, or a clutch in a loud, bright, pattern can bring together an outfit like never before. Don’t be afraid to let your hair get in on the action as well. The 90s are coming back in a big way, and scrunchies give off a laid-back vibe. Did you find a short scarf or a handkerchief in the back of a drawer? Weave it through a long braid to add a pop of color to your hair, or go full-out 70s chic and wear it as a bandana over straight hair.

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