5 Ways to Celebrate Your Child’s Birthday After COVID-19

5 Ways to Celebrate Your Child’s Birthday After COVID-19

There have been a lot of disappointed children celebrating their birthdays without friends or families due to COVID-19 and the social distancing measures in place to keep everyone safe. Although there’s not yet an official end in sight, eventually life will go back to normal, and that will mean it’s time to celebrate!

Think about throwing your kiddo a belated birthday bash that’s a little more special and extravagant than usual. Your efforts will transform a less than ideal birthday situation into an event they’ll cherish forever. Here are five ways to celebrate your child’s birthday after COVID-19 is over.

Think Medieval

With all this extra time to sit on the couch, and with playgrounds and play places closed, your older children are certain to need to let off a little steam. Add a physical element to any birthday party with inflatable jousting. Clowns 4 Kids is an entertainment rental company that offers a 20×20 foot inflatable jousting arena that your kids will love.

Competitors climb onto an inflatable pedestal and using oversized padded jousting poles, they attempt to dethrone the competition by knocking them to the game floor. You don’t need to worry about safety, because this rental comes with headgear and five-foot sidewalls to keep the festivities contained. After all of this time spent inside together, you might be surprised by which aunt and uncle are willing to put some headgear on and duke it out jousting style.


Nothing is more surprising than a birthday party that isn’t actually on your birthday. Plan a surprise celebration to make up for the one you had to throw in isolation. Make sure everyone knows to keep it a secret. You just might pull off the biggest surprise party in the history of surprise parties.

The Power of Giving Back

Everything that’s going on in the world creates a great teaching moment for your children. It’s likely that he or she already got birthday gifts on his or her actual birthday. Have your child pick an organization that was impacted due to COVID-19, and ask party guests to bring a donation instead of a personal gift. Your child will get the social aspect of their birthday back and will also learn about giving back.

Pack your overnight bags!

During this time of social distancing, most kids can’t just pick up the phone and call their friends. Even when you schedule a digital hangout, it’s difficult to play through a screen. Once the pandemic is over, invite all of their friends over for a classic slumber party. You can even screen the movie you were planning on seeing in theaters for their birthday. Why not buy or rent a projector and make it feel like a real theater? Over the course of the night, they’ll make up for all of the time spent apart.

Make a magical moment.

Although the Magic Kingdom and all of Walt Disney World’s resorts are closed in the United States right now, they won’t be forever. Make your child’s wildest dreams come true with a trip to the happiest place on earth! Orlando, Florida’s Disney World has four different parks that offer great, family-friendly adventures in addition to two waterparks that have thrills for the whole family. If your kid loves animals, check out the Animal Kingdom and stay in the Animal Kingdom Lodge, where you can wake up to giraffes every morning. If you have more than one Star Wars fan in the family, Disney’s Hollywood Studios just opened Galaxy’s Edge where you can immerse yourself in a galaxy far, far away.

Disney World is expensive, and to make your child’s birthday celebration the best it can possibly be, you may need a little more financial support. Check out the credit union in Comstock Park, MI or wherever you live to see how they can help.

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