5 Ways to Wear a White Blouse

5 Ways to Wear a White Blouse

The white blouse is beautiful and goes with almost everything for almost any occasion!

No one would think of the white blouse as an everyday garment, but the truth is that it is very versatile. You can wear a white blouse to a regular everyday event or just lounging out with friends at the bar. Styling your blouse can be hard, but there is so much that you can do to make your blouse look great!


Casual look

You can make your blouse look as casual as you want it to by adding simple accessories. Wearing your blouse with plain jean shorts and sneakers is the most comfortable casual look you can go for. Top it off with simple earrings or even a trendy hat and you can even rock it to a little league game.


Dressy look

You can dress your blouse up to be semi-formal by adding a simple mid-thigh length black skirt to it. This look can be paired with eye-catching rhinestone earrings, alongside a simple necklace. This look goes great with black or white leather platform heels or plain colored stilettos.


Formal look

Blouses can look really formal with the right accessories. Pair your blouse with a silk embroidered skirt — either long or short — gives your blouse the elegance you need to enter a formal setting. Just like the dressy look, pair your outfit with eye catching earrings and a simple necklace. Pair your outfit with stilettos or any eye catching footwear you own.


Work wear

White blouses go well in the workplace. They can work for any business setting when paired right. Wear your blouse with a blazer and a pair of dress pants, and you’ll be ready to wow all of your co-workers with your new look! Pair your outfit with simple earrings and shoes that will be comfortable to wear for long periods of time.



You can also wear your blouse as streetwear. Prowl the markets of your city in your white blouse with the help of a cute jean skirt. Match that skirt with a pair of sneakers. Match your outfit with a set of stylish silver hoops and a trendy necklace, and you’re ready to hit the streets running.

White blouses are a great addition to anyone’s closet, so rock your white blouse however you feel comfortable. Be sure to accessorize to get the right look for any occasion and have fun while doing it.

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