June 21, 2021

How Your Cycles of Life Tell You What Products to Buy

Whether you’ve simply been around long enough to realize it or you’ve just seen a certain Disney movie, everyone knows about the circle of life. What you’re probably less familiar with, though, is the spiritual concept of a life cycle. Nevertheless, these cycles of life influence your life at every stage. By gathering even a basic knowledge of the life cycle, you can better understand yourself and the decisions you should make. It can even offer insight into what products you should buy!

The Moon: Up to 7 Years Old


At seven years or younger, you’re probably not doing much spending. Still, this cycle of life can influence gift ideas or items purchased for a little one ruled by the moon. With this satellite’s focus on nurture and sensitivity, a child in this life cycle will love a present with that same focal point, like a huggable stuffed animal. In this way, they’ll have a cuddle buddy even if they’re not around other people.

Mercury: Ages 7-14


In this life cycle, a child might start having some spending money of their own. Mercury’s focus is on learning and communicating, so items like books, social tools, and similar products will be excellent purchases. Even a toy can have educational value! Find a present for your favorite little one with an educational twist, or encourage them to spend their own funds on the same sort of items. It might take a little convincing to steer some kids to buy a book, but an educational toy just might catch their eye.

Venus: Ages 14-21


Between the ages of 14 and 21, Venus shifts your focus to relationships, beauty, and luxury. This is the perfect time to purchase something like a custom nail decal set. Nail decals or a similar purchase can enhance your natural beauty and help develop your confidence and sense of style. Alternatively, try a new nail polish or an accessory, like a piece of dainty jewelry or an elegant scarf. Pay attention to each item that catches your eye and, for that matter, each person. This pivotal cycle will have an influence on you and your interpersonal connections for a lifetime.

Mars: Ages 21-35


Between 21 and 35, you move into Mercury and are influenced by its intense ambition and intentional action. Those in this age group are especially prone to burnout, even as they struggle with a body that’s starting to feel its age. Physically, you know you aren’t a kid anymore. Emotionally, your focus on moving up in the world and taking charge of your goals comes with stress and other concerns. Here, an option like Glee CBD is ideal—CBD will ease your mental and physical symptoms alike, leaving you quite aptly feeling glee. Before trying Glee, or any other CBD product, make sure to talk to a medical professional about dosage and side effects.

The Sun: Ages 35-42


The sun puts its spotlight on ego as you enter into middle age. If you reach this stage happily, you can echo those joyful sunbeams with a purchase focused on that happiness. For you, that might be a cocktail bar, while others might splurge on a celebratory piece of luxury jewelry. If you’re struggling with this period, though, facing a midlife crisis or depression, you may be prone to extravagant purchase that‘s rooted in less positive feelings—and a poorly aspected natal sun. Be thoughtful about purchases you make during this part of your life cycle, ensuring it’s the sort of item that will offer genuine happiness.

Jupiter: Ages 42-56


In the life cycle ruled by Jupiter, you enter a period of change and expansion. This is a common time for divorce proceedings and, for those with a uterus, it’s often the period in which they experience menopause. With that in mind, it’s the perfect time to invest in a tabletop ice maker. Taking up residence on your countertop, an ice maker is a convenient alternative to moving into your freezer when hot flashes strike. Your ice maker can produce several pounds of ice in a short time, and creates ice cubes in various sizes, so you have the type of cube you want, whether it’s for a cocktail or just to cool yourself down.

Saturn: Ages 57-70


Saturn typically welcomes retirement, with your thoughts turning to wisdom. With that focus, a journal or tape recorder can be a fitting purchase, giving you a chance to pass on your wisest insights to further generations. Even a photo album can be wise—caption the photos you add to it or make notes on the back of each print. By using this time to record your thoughts, you can make the most of this wisdom. And, as you ease away from the stress of your work life, you’ll have that much more time to savor this time and the mindset that comes with it.

Uranus: Over 70 Years Old


Past 70, Uranus brings happiness into view, often in unexpected ways. At this point in your life, you finally have the time to explore hobbies and interests—take the opportunity to purchase what you need to try something new. If you’ve always gazed longingly into art galleries, you might try your hand at watercolors. From woodworking or knitting to learning a language or an instrument, there’s always something new you can bring into your life, and you never know just how happy this new interest could make you.

Overall, most of the life cycles are rather intuitive—it’s no coincidence that they correspond with the life experiences we naturally fall into. By acknowledging these connections, you can gain a better view of your life and who you are throughout it. Further still, you can use these cycles to influence seemingly minor details of your life, like what you should buy during a certain period. You might invest in a portable ice maker to stay cool through Jupiter, or try CBD to ease the symptoms of Mercury. By using your current life cycle to decide, or planning ahead for what you’ll purchase in the next stage, you’ll almost always make a great choice. Better yet, you can create a better experience of your life as a whole, one life cycle—and one intuitive, aligned purchase—at a time.