The Best First Date Tips for Women

The Best First Date Tips for Women

Going on a first date means nerves, excitement, and insecurity hit all at once. The good news is that we’ve all been there. These tips will help you remain calm and confident, be yourself, and have a successful first date.

Love What You Wear

Finding the right attire for your first date is one of the most stressful parts of preparation. Buying something new can give you that pop of confidence you need, but don’t be afraid to wear one of the tried-and-true outfits that you know you’re comfortable in. Dress for the activity, and don’t think too hard about it.

For summer dates, try checking out white dresses for women or casual dresses, and make sure your sandals game is strong.

Try to Keep Things Light

I don’t have to learn all of your date’s philosophies during a first meetup. When things get too heavy, it can put a damper on a special occasion. Try to keep topics light while you’re getting to know each other. Talk about shared interests like local bars, mutual friends you may have, movies and TV shows, and music.

You don’t want to get in a fight about something deep on a first date (or if you do, you’ll be going on lots of first dates).

Ask Questions

Remember not to do all of the talking. Ask questions to show you’re interested and pay attention closely to your date’s answers. Ask follow-up questions on any interesting points they’re making. Showing genuine interest in the other person makes you approachable, warm, and likable. If you have nothing to ask your date, or you run out of questions quickly, you may be in trouble.

Know When to Leave

Whether you’re meeting up at a park or dining at a distance in Corinth, MS, consider what you’d like the night to look like, and when you want to be home. Thinking about your night in advance helps you know when it’s time to leave.

Pay attention to how you’re really feeling after an activity ends, and don’t just agree to keep the date going because you feel like you have to. If your date suggests getting more drinks, and you know you’ve reached your limit, know when to say no and head home for bed.

Be Smart

While it’s unlikely your date is an ax murderer, be smart about your first date. Meet up in a public place instead of at someone’s apartment. Tell a friend where you’ll be and share all the details you have about the person. Don’t walk home alone after dark, even if that means taking a cab.

If you’re getting a bad vibe, pay attention to those feelings. If your date is pressuring you or you’re noticing way too many red flags too fast, it’s ok to simply leave. Don’t ignore your gut on a first date. You really don’t know enough about this person to put yourself in a dangerous situation.

Try to Relax

Even though the first date can be stressful, try to have fun. Take some deep breaths and imagine yourself succeeding. What would the confident, funny, best version of yourself look like? What do you want your date to notice about you? What are your best traits? Think about your positives before the date to boost yourself up.

Even if it doesn’t work out with this person, view the date as an opportunity to connect with a new human over good food. How often does that happen? Be in the moment and try not to overthink everything you’re doing. Be yourself. First dates don’t have to be stressful. Try to stay open to whatever the date brings, but be smart and safe. Don’t overpower the conversation, and wear something that makes you feel confident and will make a lasting impression.

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